9 Great Reasons to Work With Us

  1. We're a Turn-Key Solution - we take you from start to finish
  2. Experience - over 25 years combined experience in the Costa Rica real estate market
  3. We Live Here - and are in touch with the market better than anyone
  4. Selection - over 400 properties to choose from, from raw land to the most luxurious homes and everything in between
  5. We Understand the Investment Market - including preconstruction and growth areas
  6. Two Offices - to better serve you
  7. Travel Assistance - our real estate company offers complete travel assistance and planning
  8. Testimonials - don't take our word for it - hear what others say
  9. We Build Lasting Relationships - we're more than just travel agents

1. We're a Turn-Key Solution
We take you start to finish! We're more than just real estate agents; we pride ourselves in offering our clients true turn key solutions. Our company will provide everything from detailed travel itineraries for investors to sales, legal consulting, and development oversight. All aspects of the real estate transaction can be handled within our company, including legal representation, experience bi-lingual real estate attorney on staff, title searches, title insurance, tax advising with Costa Rican based U.S. Tax attorneys, architectural/construction consulting/contracting, and rental/property management.

2. Experience
We are all US agents with more than 25 combined years market experience. We have a very intimate working knowledge of the real estate market, as well as how to carry out business transactions. All of our agents, in addition to ample real estate experience, all have vast experience in the tourism market in Costa Rica, therefore, giving us an invaluable knowledge of rental values, rental demands and overall tourism growth in each and every destination.

3. We Live Here
.We not only work in Costa Rica, we live in Costa Rica by choice. This keeps us in touch with the Costa Rica market better than any US or foreign real estate agent. We see the changes and trends that affect pricing and availability immediately.

4. Selection
We have over 400 properties to choose from including lots, houses, condos, luxury homes, and investment properties.

5. We Understand the Investment Market
Costa Rica an ideal location for travelers from all walks of life, looking to rediscover the natural wonders which inspire us all. But Costa Rica is also a strong ROI which has investors, retirees, as well as vacationers from all over the globe flocking to seize on the opportunities to own their own piece of this tropical paradise. Whether you are looking for a vacation getaway for you family, a rental property offering secure annual returns and appreciation, or the retirement spot of your dreams, Costa Rica offers the answer. We have up to the minute information on preconstruction and growth areas. Also, check out our Educate Yourself section on investment primers.

6. Two Offices
One of the growth areas in Costa Rica is the Pacific Central coast. We setup a new office location in Manuel Antonio, to better serve you in that location. Our real estate agents in our MA office are intimately aware of changes in the Pacific Central and South markets.

7. Travel Assistance
One of the most important aspects in finding your piece of paradise is coming and experiencing it first hand. Our real estate company offers complete travel assistance and planning through our affiliate travel agency, 2 Costa Rica Travel. We can customize an itinerary for you including accommodations, local transportation, adventure activities and any other logistical support that you may need. We will coordinate your itinerary and set up appointments with our representatives to show you around the area or multiple areas if you are interested in more than one destination.

8. Testimonials
Don't take our word for it... hear what others have to say about our service on our Testimonials page!

9. We Build Lasting Relationships
It may seem silly to say this, but we want to reiterate something about the nature of real estate and agencies. Many real estate agents work for commissions, not people. But the people in our agency are absolutely dedicated to your satisfaction. Sure, we want to make money too, but will not steer you towards properties that are low value or can unload quickly because they make the greatest commission for us. We will never hype properties. We have a motto here, "A satisfied customer is a customer for life." We would rather your experience be enjoyable and smooth than make a profit.

We also realize that it's a touch scary buying real estate in a foreign nation. After all, we did it once, too! Our ultimate goal is to make your transaction so smooth and effortless that you will invest in our services again and again. And, of course, tell your friends!

We have a genuine desire to serve you well. It's the Pura Vida way.

Sincerely, Todd Cutter and Team