"In my effort to move to Manuel Antonio I initiated dealings with a multitude of agents. After I met Scott Cutter and his associates at 2 Costa Rica, my confidence was restored that there is honor here in real estate agencies. Scott’s initiative in finding potential properties for me, his detailed information about each option and his meticulous follow-through on all details was inspiring.

Regardless of how busy he was or how many larger clients he was serving at the same time, he always made me feel as if I was his only priority . . . that there was no one more important. Not only did he assist in every detail one might expect of a real estate agent, he continues . . . .after the deal is closed . . . to help me with the details that followed. He assisted, for example with utilities connection, moving companies and business loans. Such facilitation one would expect in a friendship more than a simple business relationship. It is comforting to know that even six months after my closing, I can still call Scott for any favor I might need here in Manuel Antonio."

- D. Corvette, April 2006

"I chose Todd Cutter, as my realtor, from a web site. Todd had a listing that I was interested in and we communicated by e-mail for several months before arriving in Costa Rica. I had no previous experience with Todd and solicited no references. As a business attorney in the United States, I knew that putting my hopes for an investment and a second home in a foreign country in the hands of an unknown might not be the most prudent way to go.

I became, however, increasingly impressed by Todd, even before our first meeting. Todd was knowledgeable, experienced, articulate and, most importantly, did what he said he was going to do when he said he was going to do it. I never heard any empty promises from Todd.

When we arrived in Costa Rica, Todd took two days to show me and my fiancé properties. Todd accurately perceived what we were looking for and showed us homes that were within our parameters – price and otherwise. Although, we were urged by others to contact other brokers to make certain that we had seen everything on the market, we felt no need to do so.

After various discussions with Todd, as to comparables, the prospects for the market and the pro’s and con’s of each property, we selected one for which we would submit an offer. Throughout the negotiation process Todd was available to us. He kept us informed as to the status of the negotiations and gave us good and honest advice on what further steps we should take. Once we had agreed to the terms, Todd helped us select a lawyer, review the contract and proceed towards closing. It goes without saying; there was a lot of hand holding on Todd’s part.

We expect that we will close within the next few weeks. But irrespective of that outcome, we feel very fortunate to have selected Todd as our realtor. For us, there would have been no better choice and we would recommend him to any one who is thinking of purchasing (or selling) real estate in Costa Rica. We don’t think that we would have taken the plunge without him, or, at least, we would have not dived in with as strong a sense of comfort and optimism. I urge anyone thinking of contacting Todd that has any reservations to contact me at oparra@gate.net. I am available to you at any time."

- O Parra, Miami, Florida, October 2006


Thanks again for all the expert and personable assistance you’ve provided to us throughout every phase of our Costa Rica venture. Even before our first visit to the country three years ago, your many clear and insightful emails afforded us with an invaluable orientation. Then, when we decided to invest in a Manuel Antonio luxury rental property, you guided us to what has proven to be by far the best opportunity that was available at the time, after which you skillfully facilitated every aspect of our purchase. As we built our beautiful villa and eventually offered it for rent, your sound recommendations for a lawyer, architect/builder and property manager proved absolutely crucial to the amazing success we’ve enjoyed.

In recent months you’ve again rendered all the assistance needed to execute a most profitable sale of the property, yielding us a tremendous gain over just two and a half years.

Owing largely to your generous help, our experience in Costa Rica has been outrageously rewarding in every respect.

Once again, muchas gracias amigo."

- Tom & Dianne Murphy | San Diego, California

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your professionalism and responsiveness before, during and after the acquisition of my 6.5 acre residential development site in Uvita. As a commercial real estate attorney with 20+ years of experience back in the States, and several prior visits to Costa Rica to look for a land purchase, I believe I have the experience to judge a Costa Rican brokerage firm. You did not waste my time on sites that did not meet my parameters, you facilitated the bargaining process, and you assisted me in coordinating with other local service providers and my chosen title insurance company. You have continued to assist me well after the sale and your commission has been earned. Thanks again."

- Paul F., Cambridge, MA

"Scott and the members of the 2CostaRica Real Estate team. I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for all the hard work and professional way you help me with my purchase in Manuel Antonio. I know that buying in a foreign country is hard and to be honest I was a little nervous. Your team walked me through all the steps and even though there were times when I was going to give up, you kept me going. Now I can enjoy my new home and "Paradise" on the Pacific.

You also helped me with my first purchase as a condo and in two years I was able to sell it for double what I paid, which allowed me to buy the private home that I really wanted. That purchase was particullay hard in that the seller was difficult to work with and putting together the money was a new process with me. You helped me with the purchase and well as all the legal concerns I had. YOU made me feel that everything would be fine and in the long run YOU were right.

Thanks again!! I will now take the time to enjoy the home and hopefully in the future can find a way to start a business in Manuel Antonio. You can be assured that when that time comes I will be on the phone to you to help me through the process!"

- Larry and Dolly M., Provincetown, MA