Tax Advice


While for most of our investors local accounting services will not be an integral part of their investing here in Costa Rica, for a business acquisition, tax advice, or development, these services can be an integral part of insuring that your investments and business ventures are done in the most profitable and professional manner possible. Moreover, if you are interested in purchasing a commercial property, an ongoing business or a hotel, the selection of both a local accountant and perhaps a tax advisor will be important to set up the proper structure at the onset of purchase.

The system here in Costa Rica for taxation, bill collection, etc. is a distinct change from what most North Americans are accustomed to and our team of recommended accountants and tax advisors are here to assist you in everything from local sales taxes to filing your US tax returns from your new home in Costa Rica.

Our firm also has strong relationships with US and foreign tax advisors to ensure the proper planning both in your country of residence or origin, as well as in Costa Rica. We are not tax advisors, and recommend hiring a professional to provide the necessary guidance throughout this process.

Property Taxes

The current property tax rate is 0.25% of the recorded property value per year. The tax is generally paid on a quarterly basis. Property values are determined by the Municipal Government by (1) the value stipulated in a property sales deed, (2) A mortgage recorded against the property or (3) By direct appraisal from Municipal officials.