Tamarindo Real Estate


Tamarindo is one of the hottest destinations for real estate investment in Costa Rica. It's gorgeous beaches, world-class surf, amazing panoramic views, great real estate opportunities, easy access from the international airport in Libera, easy access to the golf course at Hacienda Pinilla and Conchal, combined with the quaint surroundings are attracting investors from all over looking for high returns either on rental properties, or vacation homes, luxury condos, impressive real estate, etc.

Prices in this area are certainly at a premium, however, the rental demand and resale value on maintains the Tamarindo on the top of the list for desired real estate investments. Tamarindo has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, especially in the condo development area. At any one time, there are several condo options to choose from, however, even with the growth, all units are selling, and most selling out before construction is finished.

The rental market in this area, as well as the resale, continue to make this area one of the best low-risk, slam dunk investments in Costa Rica. The past year has brought a commercial boom to the area with numerous commercial centers being finished, or in construction. This has brought additional services including much-needed banks, supermarkets, restaurants, etc thus complementing the infrastructure that the tourism and real estate boom have lacked for the past few years. There is very little beachfront property remaining with the exception of a few lots selling at upwards of $1000/sq meter, however, there are some great options for vacation or retirement homes, as well as very profitable business opportunities/hotels/B&B’s for sale in the area. With land at a premium here, all real estate properties will see great returns over the next few years.