Scott Williams

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Scott Williams - 2 Costa Rica Real Estate Broker

Personal Bio

Scott Williams is a Costa Rica realtor living on the central Pacific coast. Scott has lived there since 1998, is a resident of Costa Rica, is fully bilingual, and is a member of the Costa Rican Chamber of Realtors (CCCBR) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Scott Williams is passionate about what he does. He moved to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica following his University graduation in 1998. Originally, he was brought here by the lure of adventure, natural beauty, quality of life and opportunity. Those elements are what keep him here today, and he's ready to share a decade plus of local insight and firsthand knowledge to guide his clients to success. Originally from Virginia, Scott landed in Costa Rica immediately following his graduation from Hampden-Sydney College in 1998, where he studied Spanish and Political Science. During his first four years in the country, he co-directed the local operation of a global outdoor education/ expeditionary outfit called Outward Bound. Following countless adventures in Costa Rica and Central America and an in-depth study in the country's resources, people and destinations, he quickly found himself involved in a lifelong love affair with the country.

Starting in 2002, he did consulting and start-up work on a few small businesses, among which were a tourism center in Manuel Antonio and a property management and rental company. Having bought, sold, built and remodeled several properties here, his transition into real estate in 2003 came very naturally. Scott also adds some experience in basic design and building on the local landscape. He also worked closely with the owners of 2 Costa Rica Real Estate in starting the company, and specializes in residential and hotels in the Central Pacific and Southern Zone. Having visited over 50 countries around the world, Scott always returns to Costa Rica with a smile on his face and a thankfulness that he calls Costa Rica 'home.' Taking pride in empowering his clients, uncovering the best methods for success in this country, working with the highest level of integrity and always having a good time are the guiding principals of his work. Scott also enjoys community service projects, surfing, diving and world traveling; he currently lives in Manuel Antonio with his wife Mariana and their daughter, Ylang.