Costa Rica Real Estate Rental Income Properties


One of the hottest trends in the real estate market in Costa Rica is rental income producing properties. With tourism numbers at an all time high, and international brand hotels such as the JW Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Four Seasons, the Rosewood, Ramada purchasing parcels for flagship resorts, confidence in Costa Rica among investors and tourists is tremendous. Whereas, 10 years ago, Costa Rica was a very foreign product in the vacation industry, today, it tops the list as one of the hottest destinations in the world due to accessibility, affordable prices, safety, and of course, the variety of destinations and activities that can be enjoyed in a short stay.

These constant increases in tourism give the opportunity for investors to own a second or third home, which pays for itself, while gaining valuable appreciation. Many of our current listings are currently receiving over 10% annual net returns on the rentals, and with over 90% of all transactions being cash, owners have the advantage of making a solid income while carrying a very liquid product.

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