Costa Rica Rental Income Properties


One of the hottest trends in the real estate market in Costa Rica is the purchase of rental income producing properties. With tourism numbers at an all time high, and international brand hotels such as the JW Marriott, Hyatt, Four Seasons, and dozens of others building or operating flagship resorts, confidence in Costa Rica among investors and tourists is tremendous. Whereas, 10 years ago, Costa Rica was a very foreign product in the vacation industry, today, it tops the list as one of the hottest destinations in the world due to accessibility, affordable prices, safety, and of course, the variety of destinations and activities that can be enjoyed in a short stay.

These constant increases in tourism give the opportunity for investors to own a second or third home, which pays for itself, while gaining valuable appreciation. Moreover, whereas hotel stays although pampering, can also be restrictive for larger groups, or families with multiple children, or multiple couples. Due to this reason, many tourists opt to seek out private vacation rentals, that better accommodate their group, and provide more space, private pools and of course, concierge amenities such as private chefs. In many of our destinations such as Manuel Antonio, where room counts are in extremely high demand, we have private vacation rentals that demand a premium in price, while still being more affordable than the comparable amount of hotel rooms needed for the same group. A number of those homes are performing extremely well as it pertains to rental income, and this type of opportunity provides an investor a unique opportunity to buy at an aggressive price point as we are moving out of the bottom of the market, and, take advantage of immediate return on their investment. Contact us for more information about some of our top rental income producing properties in Costa Rica.

We also offer larger investments such as hotels for sale, or other businesses for sale, commercial buildings with long term tenants for a more institutional investor. Inquire for more details about some of these opportunities.