Meet Our Team

Who we are

Committed to personal and professional excellence, integrity and service. 2 Costa Rica Real Estate is a firm whose founding and guiding principles revolve around building strong relationships with our clients, insuring that every interaction is handled with an attention to detail and personal service. Founded by the entrepreneurial team of brothers Todd and Scott Cutter, the firm has earned a reputation as an industry leader due in large part to its focus on helping each client to establish a clear understanding of Costa Rica as a destination and investment environment, the dynamics of each region here in Costa Rica and finally the specific properties which are of interest in a given region. All of our agents are fully bilingual and have years of experience here in Costa Rica and we do much more than simply offer and sell properties. For each of our clients, we are truly partners and guides, who accompany you in every step of the investment process. Our knowledge, insight and experience is shared openly and our network of affiliate professionals allows us to offer the most complete and comprehensive level of service in the country.

We have made the conscious choice of remaining independent allowing our team to focus on the people we service as opposed to the company or agency's bottom line. The result is a real estate experience unlike anything you could imagine, professionals with patience and knowledge who work to guide you towards a successful acquisition. Expect more... Real Estate Evolved.

  • Todd Cutter
  • Scott Cutter
  • Scott Williams
  • Laura Valverde
  • Alvaro Ortiz
  • Vitaly Balasanov
  • Dina Tochluk
  • Harrison Hitt
  • Doris Varela
  • Steve Hooven

Our Goal

The goal of the company, 2 Costa Rica Realty and Development, is to offer a highly personalized and detail oriented presentation to potential clients that will highlight not only the majestic beauty of the country, but also the legal parameters within which all investments should be conducted. We have developed a full service sales and development agency for the upper class investor looking for an easy way to get into the market.

The vision of 2Costa Rica Real Estate is one of a high quality product, backed by experienced professionals, an honest approach, and a true desire to provide our clients with a successful investment.

Our agents are young, energetic, and most importantly, very experienced and extremely professional. In our experience, each and every one of our clients has been truly amazed at the level of personal service that we are able to provide, which truly makes investing in a foreign country a comfortable transaction.

A True Turn-Key Real Estate Solution

Sales is our business. However, we feel that our clients need, and deserve, more in order to experience a flawless transaction in a foreign country where procedures vary. Therefore, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a true turn key package with a number of key alliances such as attorneys, banks, tax advisors, interior design teams, architects, contractors, and more.

Our company will provide everything from detailed travel itineraries for investors looking to explore the vast array of different investment opportunities that the country has to offer, to sales, legal consulting, and development oversight. All aspects of the real estate transactions can and will be handled within our company including but not limited to legal representation, bi-lingual and experienced in-house real estate attorney, title searches, title insurance, tax advising with Costa Rican based U.S. Tax attorneys, architectural/construction consulting and contracting, and rental/property management.

How We Work

Our agency takes great pride in creating personal relationships with each and every one of our clients. When we first meet, or speak to our clients, we try to first educate ourselves on the needs and expectations of each client. Instead of jumping directly towards any one property (unless a client specifically asks about one), we strongly believe in working in a macro mentality to learn about our clients, and then educate them based on our knowledge.

Once we truly feel that both we understand the client's needs and investment criteria, and that they understand the concepts about location, value, etc as it pertains to their investment, we then work on moving towards a defined list, or specific property that best fits their needs.

The process of finding the right property can be difficult, and we use our knowledge and experience, combined with the unique investment criteria that each client brings to the table, to try to simplify the process. We believe in the success of our clients, and take pride in being a part of the process!