Living & Retiring in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations due to its stunning beauty, easy accessibility and warm hearted citizens. As more and more travelers discovery the beauty of this country, the number of foreign citizens moving to Costa Rica on a full time basis to live and work or to retire is growing exponentially. The natural beauty and climate are obvious draws, and with an increasingly volatile world, the peaceful and laid back nature of the Costa Rican people are becoming equally as important in attracting international residents and retirees alike. From a practical standpoint there are also a host of reasons which have contributed to the growing populous of international residents here in Costa Rica. The cost of living here in Costa Rica is a fraction of what it costs in North America and Europe, with a quality of life that supercedes even the most exclusive communities in the United States.

The absence of capital gains taxes, minimal property taxes, and the ability to secure residency with special status granted to foreign citizens looking to invest in the country or spend their retirement years here are just a few of the logistical and practical draws which have thousands of Americans and Europeans flocking to make this paradise their home or Costa Rica retirement home. Costa Rica boasts a highly educated society, with a literacy rate of more than 95%, an fantastic health care system with a public social security system available to the general population along with some fantastic and affordable private clinics which many foreign residents choose to work with. Inexpensive labor costs for both domestic and professional services allow for affordable help whether you are looking for an employee for a new business venture or a live-in caretaker to assist you with your daily chores.

Our team of legal advisors, residency facilitators and accountants can answer any questions you might have concerning the logistics of making Costa Rica your home, and are always on call to make the transition a smooth and easy one. In addition to our staff, there are large “ex-pat” associations who participate in everything from political roundtables to environmental protection forums so you won't be left without an active and dynamic social life with Costa Ricans, Americans and Europeans alike.

Retirement properties: There are a host of different options when looking for a retirement property here in Costa Rica and our goal is to establish and open and in depth dialogue with each of our clients to insure that we help match your vision, dreams, and practical needs with an area and specific property which will fulfill those goals and requisites. Whether you want to be part of a golf and tennis community in a coastal area, your own private rainforest estate in a more isolated and private area, or are just looking for a comfortable town-home outside the city to enjoy the cultural activity and services of the central valley, we have the property for you. Private homes: See homes and homesites section for independent properties suitable for full time living, rental programs or a combination of the two.