Legal Advice


Perhaps as important as finding the property and/or investment of your dreams here in Costa Rica, is having a knowledgeable and reputable attorney to ensure that all the necessary due diligence is completed in every phase of your acquisition and investment. Our firm takes a very active role not only in making attorney recommendations, but also in serving as a direct liaison with them so that there is a constant and consistent flow of communication to ensure a secure transaction for our clients. We coordinate not only with our client's attorney, but also the counterpart, and oversee the due diligence process alongside the attorneys in a very active role.

Below, is a short profile of a few of our top recommended attorneys, as well as some words about their firms and philosophy, as well as their overall experience in working with 2Costa Rica Real Estate. For more information, contact us and we would be happy to discuss your needs, or put you in touch with an attorney to assist you.

  • Alberto Saenz
  • Norman de Pass
  • Sergio Solera