Flamingo Real Estate


These beaches on the northern Pacific coast have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Flamingo was once the hot spot, often described as the Acapulco of Costa Rica. After growth began in areas like Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, etc and the closing of the local marina, this area lost a lot of its glamour. However, with several groups after the new marina option, and truly breathtaking beaches, and hillside views both to the north and south, Flamingo is seeing a tremendous influx of investors once again.

There are numerous condo projects underway, as well as a few estate homes for sale in the area. This is a nice area for retirement or part time living, however, the rental market here is still not as dynamic as some of the other hot spots. The beaches of Potrero and Brasilito are experiencing a tremendous increase in demand due to the fact their price points are still more attractive than their neighbors.

However, with the great demand over the past years, beachfront property is at a premium and prices parallel those of most any other destination. There are still some fantastic opportunities for ocean view properties, or non view properties within walking distance to the beach. Many investors are looking hard at this area as talks of a new marina in Flamingo would bring great value to both of these areas, and now is a great time to purchase here. Playas Del Coco is a town that has been around since the early days of tourism in Costa Rica.

Just recently have investors begun to pay closer attention to this area as an investment. There are a number of well priced condos and residential units for sale in this area, providing great value. However, this town needs more of a facelift to truly bring the appeal for both serious investors and day to day tourism which is key for rental income. This town is a fishing and boating hub, quite commercial and is slowly taking a turn towards renovation and innovation.

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