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When choosing to purchase real estate in Costa Rica, most buyers first make a decision as to whether they prefer to purchase real estate on coast, or whether they prefer to be in or near a city. If the decision is the latter, our clients end up in the area of Escazu or Santa Ana. Escazu and Santa Ana have become the most sought after neighborhoods in the outskirts of San Jose for both our Costa Rican clientele, as well as our foreign investors. The reasons are abundant and varied depending on the investment criteria of each individual, family or business. However, the common influences that drive clients into this vibrant Western suburb are convenience, access to the best shopping, top rated bilingual schools, world class medical facilities, restaurants and corporate offices.

Escazu and Santa Ana are located about 10 minutes to the international airport, and both offer immediate access to Highway 27 (Prospero Fernandez), which allows for convenient access to the Pacific Coast and towns like Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio and Dominical, as well as access to the northern beaches of Guanacaste. Most executives and families enjoy the ability to be able to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and explore one of the many beaches and this western location makes this ever so easy, with beaches less than 1 hour away. As for shopping, this area is home to the infamous Multiplaza, which is Costa Rica's largest and most prominent shopping mall with brands such as Kenneth Cole, Victoria's Secret, and many more. Additionally, a series of lifestyle developments have also sprouted to provide a more unique experience for the residents, focusing on outdoor walking spaces, shopping, dining and entertainment.

Avenida Escazu, which opened last year is home to several fantastic restaurants, as well as high end boutiques, an IMAX theater, loft condominiums, office space, as well as food court and other entertainment venues. Another development, called Plaza Tempo, located less than 100 yds from the prior, is under construction and will offer a similar setting with work and play opportunities from fine dining, boutiques and offices. There are hundreds of restaurants in Escazu and Santa Ana for even the most demanding palate offering everything from Italian, Japanese, Indian, Venezuelan, Colombian, French, etc….. If your family is relocating, schooling is extremely important and this area will not disappoint with top rated English and/or bilingual schools such as Country Day, Lincoln (bus access), Panamerican, Blue Valley and dozens more. As for health care, Escazu and Santa Ana is home to the CIMA Hospital, boasting world class facilities and doctors at a fraction of the cost of comparable US care. Finally, for those doing business in Costa Rica, this area is host to the most prominent corporate facilities creating a user friendly opportunity to live and work without the hassles of traffic and timely commutes. Facilities such as Plaza Roble, Forum, Forum II, Torre HSBC (Meridiano) and others play host to some of the world's most prominent companies including Microsoft, Intel, Proctor & Gamble, and hundreds of others.

Escazu and Santa Ana, San Jose's most sought after suburbs, are home to some of the country's finest gated communities. We are proud to present a wide variety of listings in each of these communities, including Central Park, Villa Real, Vistas del Monasterio, Montaña del Sol, Cerro Alto, Monte Plata, Valle de Tamarindo, Acropolis, La Hacienda, Cerro Real, Daluz, Bohemia, Bosques de Lindora, and of course, if you do not see a listing of your interest, simply inquire with specifics of what you are looking for, and one of our agents will gladly contact you. In addition to what you see on our site, we are always working on new listings, and have access to other private listings which we can inform you about at any given time.

Escazu and Santa Ana truly offer investors, families, retirees and businesses the perfect setting for success and happiness.