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Starting a business in a foreign country is not easy. It requires patience, time and money that many investors do not have, or prefer not to waste. One of the hottest market fields in Costa Rica, is the purchase of existing hotels or businesses.

Many current hotel owners have put in years of hard work and dedication to bring their businesses to a respected level of success, and wish to be able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Their desire to move on, combined with the investor’s urge for a turn key opportunity has created an extremely dynamic market in Costa Rica. Other owners must sell for financial or personal reasons, or perhaps they have simply been here long enough and are looking to move on to another endeavor. Whatever the case may be, there are some very exciting opportunities to look at if you have an interest in purchasing a hotel in Costa Rica.

When buying a hotel or existing business, it is extremely important to look at a number of areas of the business to ensure your investment. In the case of hotels for sale, of course, you will want to pay close attention to current and past occupancy rates, annual growth, net income and overall reputation in the market. Moreover, for those investors looking to take over an existing hotel and convert it into a flagship property, and expand in the future, it is important to research the future potential development opportunities within the property. Has the property been built to its maximum density, or is there ample room for expansion? What are other area hotels occupation rates? What local projects are underway, or in permitting which will affect (positive or negative) the future development, occupancy rates, or nightly rates?

We have other hotels which are perhaps underperforming either due to the lack of hotel experience by its current owner, or the lack of proper marketing and management. Any of the above opportunities, create unique situations for buyers either looking for a lifestyle change, or hoteliers who are looking to own and operate a hotel in Costa Rica.

Our firm and our recommended attorneys have extensive experience in hotel transactions and can walk you through the process from the search, drafting the offer and negotiating, the details and what is important to look for during the due diligence process, labor issues to watch for, and of course, any and all details to ensure a smooth transaction, and smooth transition into ownership.

See below for a list of some of our listings for hotels for sale in Costa Rica, and feel free to inquire about some of our private listings

Featured Listings

26 photos
Playa Azul Hotel/Bar
Jacó Tarcoles $350,000 Commercial
29 photos
Hotel Tuanis - Jaco
Jaco Jaco $989,000 Commercial
8 photos
Poseidon Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar Jaco, Costa Rica
Playa Jaco Jacó $1,200,000 Commercial
32 photos
Paradisiacal small beachfront hotel in Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa Santa Teresa $2,800,000 Commercial
32 photos
Stunning Beachfront Luxury Hotel
Beach Beach $2,950,000 Commercial
32 photos
Hotel, Restaurant & Vacation Home
Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio $2,950,000 Commercial
9 photos
High Occupancy Quepos Hotel
Manuel Antonio Quepos $3,200,000 Commercial
20 photos
Osa Waterfront Lodge
Puerto Jimenez Golfito $3,950,000 Commercial
23 photos
Manuel Antonio Beachfront Hotel
Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio $10,000,000 Commercial