Contractors & Construction


Some of the most rewarding and profitable investments in Costa Rica, include some limited or extensive form of development and construction. Though we encourage all of our clients to consider all of the factors, time and risk involved in a construction project or development before proceeding, there are some fantastic opportunities for the creation of your dream vacation home, retirement estate, or development of small, medium or large size.

When making the decision to embark on a construction project in Costa Rica, there are a myriad of factors which should be considered, one of the most important is selecting a contractor who will inevitably be creating the vision which you and your architectural team create for your home or project. This is a tremendous responsibility and anyone who has done preliminary research is aware that horror stories about construction and the builders here are easy to find. Like in any professional field, there are certainly many solid companies here who are capable of doing fantastic work. However, we highly recommend that our clients engage with firms who have a reputation, strong contracts which protect their clients and the financial strength to insure that no one project makes or breaks the firm. Our recommended builders represent some of the finest in the country. We also have a network of smaller boutique builders and firms who are capable of great work, but would consult with each client and their legal and architectural team before recommending these smaller firms.

Contractors can be found in the following websites: