Alvaro Ortiz

Cell Phone: (506) 6000-4653
Office Phone: (506) 2588-2332
Toll free: 1-866-374-7798

Alvaro Ortiz - 2 Costa Rica Real Estate Agent

Personal Bio

Alvaro has been with us for 4 years and has positioned himself as a very effective agent in the area of properties for development in Escazu, Santa Ana and surroundings of San Jose. His clients have been focusing in developing commercial, residential and mix use pieces of land which we have been carefully able to identify. Alvaro graduated from Texas Wesleyan University (1988/1992) with a Business Administration major emphasizing in Marketing, and due to his golf ability, he was granted a full scholarship during his four years in college.

His greatest asset in our business has been his public relations and being able to connect his relationships with the most influential developers, business people and decision makers in Costa Rica with timely real estate opportunities. Well known for his golf career, Alvaro has now turned to leveraging the relationships and contacts that he has forged over decades, into successful opportunities for buyers and sellers in Costa Rica. His contacts have allowed us to develop relationships in the other segments of our industry and have helped to generate important leads in the luxury home market, corporate rentals and of course, development properties.

Other than golf, his hobbies include aviation, traveling and sports in general, which he focuses on during free time or at night time.