Perhaps the single most important service which a potential purchaser can engage in here in Costa Rica is that of a professional BUYERS BROKER.  This is not to discount the importance of having excellent legal representation, escrow services, management services, architects, etc. but in a country as diverse as  Costa Rica and in one which lacks a comprehensive MLS service, engaging with a trusted and experienced professional to work on your behalf will not only SAVE YOU MONEY, it will also insure that you make investments that are sustainable for the short, medium and long term.

One of the most common mistakes which we see investors making here in Costa Rica is attempting to coordinate research, education and property reviews in one or more areas, without engaging in a professionals with the integrity, experience and knowledge to help guide you through the realities of the market at any given time.  The internet is an amazing tool, but is also a place with an enormous amount of information and we watch many clients who arrive to our office, confused by what they have viewed on the internet in regards to general lifestyles in areas of Costa Rica, investment potential of properties and right down to the photographs, description and pricing they see on individual listings.

Unlike the North American markets of the United States and Canada and most European Markets, we do not have a comprehensive MLS system nor do we have a required licensing for real estate agents in Costa Rica.  Many so called professional agents, have very little experience in Costa Rica, and while knowledgeable about their listings or micro area, do not have the insight into nationwide market conditions, the differences in their markets and other regional comps, and as importantly the experience as to the infrastructural, lifestyle and cultural differences which you will experience when selecting and investing in a property here in paradise.

at 2 Costa Rica Real Estate, we offer our professional Buyers Broker services to our clients who are looking to engage with a professional committed to listening and learning about your personal goal, vision and budget and then taking the time to educate and GUIDE you toward to best areas and properties.  In a typical real estate office, the agents and brokers are quick to qualify, dismiss or close.  Our agents have spent at times hours, and at time years procuring relationships with their clients and assuring them that they are making the right purchase at the right time.   We are honored to have worked with clients not only in our main areas of focus, but also around the country collaborating with professionals in other areas to insure that our clients get the service and protection they deserve.  Inquire now about meeting and selecting an agent to help you in the investment of a lifetime.